Kim Keever - Limited Edition 



Henry Jackson

Museum Acquisition - October 2017

Henry Jackson's work, Conformation 2015, has been acquired for the permanent collection of Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, Fine Arts Museum, San Francisco, California




Kim Keever


Publication - September 2017

A limited-edition monograph of Kim Keever's work is being printed in Italy this fall. This hardcover book will be signed by the artist and include approximately 150 color plates, as well as two essays about the artist and his work. Each monograph will be accompanied by a limited-edition signed print and be presented in a handmade linen-covered clamshell box.


Each collector who purchases this monograph will be acknowledged, with their permission, in the book. The price is $1,000 per monograph, $900 if pre-ordered by September 12th.





Kate Petley


How To Flatten a Mountain: April 24th - May 5th 2017

We are pleased to announce that Kate Petley has been awarded a project-based residency in Ireland.  Internationally competitive, the program is facilitated by How to Flatten a Mountain.  It is an exciting 12 day residency opportunity presented by PhotoIreland Foundation & Cow House Studios, and with the support of OPW, open to emerging and mid-career visual artists who use photography but are not known as photographers.  It culminates with an exhibition in Dublin for PhotoIreland 2017.

The colophon of the residency is an exhibition of the works produced, presented during the PhotoIreland Festival at Rathfarnham Castle.



Henry Jackson 


Red Ivory: Opening March 25th 2017 

After San Francisco artist Henry Jackson’s 2012 success of “Kingdom Animalia”, a large scale video & sound installation, the San Francisco Zoological Society approached Jackson once again. This time, to create an artistic interpretation of an animal kingdom under siege: the African elephant, and the demand for it’s tusks. The result, a mesmerizing and transformative six minute video and sound installation called: RED IVORY.


The world’s elephants are formidable creatures with considerable intelligence, empathy and unbounded devotion to the family unit. Sadly, like so many species today, they are struggling to hold on at the hands of insatiable greed. This insurmountable burden of loss is not only taking a catastrophic toll on the elephants, but on countless other creatures - as well as the environment - that rely so desperately on their paramount contribution to the ecosystem. An ecosystem that, without our help, will soon cease to exist.


Jackson’s video, like his paintings, is an emotional confrontation. A gamut of visual unrest. At any given moment, the depicted imagery can transcend you to an elevated state; a musing of one’s soul - then quickly jump to a moment of deep contemplation and restlessness. And there-in lies the intrigue of Jackson’s work; they are not one individual, they are representative of everything as a whole. The part of humanity and nature that is interlinked. While Jackson is known more for his mastery of painting, his recent ventures into video are nothing short of transcending. After eight months of research, compiling, and the transforming of appropriated video footage and stills; plus an original composed score, Red Ivory is a hypnotic and metamorphic opus.


Jackson’s immersive video and sound installation, brings a creative and critical awareness to a kingdom in desperate need of our attention, compassion and rescuing.


Music Score by Silvanus Slaughter

Sound Design by Andrew Roth

Technical Assistance by David Magnusson



Spectral Hues: Artist + Color (group show) January 21 - April 9, 2017 

Forty-five years ago the Palo Alto Art Center opened its doors with an exhibition exploring the conceptual use of color by Bay Area artists. As a continuation of the Art Center’s year-long celebration of its still vibrant service to the Palo Alto community, Spectral Hues examines light and color in the work of today’s Bay Area artists by featuring a selection of works that explore the presence, or lack, of color along with the optical and emotional influence of color on the viewer, and the interaction of light and color. This exhibition is guest curated by Sharon Bliss.


Orth Contemporary is pleased to sponsor a lecture by Henry Jackson in conjunction with the “Red Ivory” project. The event will take place in San Francisco.  Date to be announced. 




Danica Phelps


Hoping to Help - January 14th - April 7th

Orth Contemporary would like to congratulate artist, Danica Phelps for her ongoing achievements in her artistic philanthropic undertaking, “The Gratitude Project."  
In late October, Danica, turned her Facebook page into an auction site for her drawings, with the proceeds going to not-for-profit organizations. The records of these transactions will be featured at the Weatherspoon Art Museum.. 
Danica will be completing work on the diptychs that resulted from the posts and installing them at NF Galeria in Madrid at the end of April.



Danica Phelps', The Gratitude Project, begins with an auction of her own works through social media to raise funds for non-profit organizations.  The second generation of each drawing will be exhibited at Untitled San Francisco with a drawing depicting the work of each nonprofit.  A growing net of drawings, a statement and a fight.  Art - a motor of change.  


January 15th  Danica will be live on Untitled, Radio to speak about this project and will also be auctioning off an artwork with proceeds to benefit  the Fire Resiliency Fund for the Oakland Fire.

This program is presented by Untitled and San Francisco exhibitor, NF Galeria (Madrid)