November 15th - December 24th, 2018


In this ever-unfolding history of abstraction, contemporary painters are bringing forward innovative ideas and techniques to parallel technology in forming how we see. New media and artistic approaches are allowing for an increasing number of ways to approach the canvas to enhance the visual experience.  Because seeing requires involvement, much of the  abstract art today is focused on catching the eye of the viewer and turning people onto what they have had all along,  the ability to embrace pure visual insight.   


Artists like James Turrelland Robert Irwin are paramount figures in creating sensation through the use of the environment as and incorporating man man tools.  Painters have followed suit, investigating new materials and approaches to awaken the 2D surface.  Conceptual art practices are wide and varied and alchemy in the studio is new norm.  However, the medium is not the message.  There is a division between the work itself and the art, the art is what happens to the viewer and the painting is simply a conduit of that event.  Harnessing new ways to explore abstract painting, the work seeks to elicit an ever-changing range of emotions. The myriad of new tools transport viewers into a new and enhanced space of serenity, wonder and contentment.  


With over 17 years of gallery experience, with 11 successful years at a local gallery, I feel our community is ready to embrace an exciting and new art experience. I have chosen artists who combine technical virtuosity with a relentless appetite for invention. Each has mastered a seemingly traditional medium—from painting to weaving to drawing—in order to take it somewhere entirely new.  I strongly believe that the human capacity for perception is the most beautiful gift.  By not being open to it,  you miss out on art that gives its full value to our daily lives.  To not take time to see visual creativity in person is a serious loss that leads to a lack of opportunities for growth and elevation.  


There is a quote that surrounds the need to enliven the act of seeing today by Jack Whitten, “In the beginning, art was sacred, magic and profound.  My objective today as an artist is to restore its sacredness, magic, and its profundity.”   We, as a culture, are overdue for renewing our innate passion for seeking the highest form of human expression and elevation.



Patrick Dintino

Jimi Gleason

Rachel Hayes

Henry Jackson

Kate Petley

Eric Sall

Chris Trueman