Founded in 2017, Orth Contemporary (OC)  works with  innovative artists who are broadening the artistic dialogue today.  With countless new methods and technical media available, the visual art culture we once knew has blossomed into a dynamic and multi-faceted arena.   It is because of this that my interest continues to be in representing and highlighting the forward-thinking artists who are challenging our past notions and conventional practices.  Moving from a physical space to a virtual platform in 2020, OC maintains its dynamic vision and forward thinking approach. Working in the field of art advisory, I introduce collectors and art advocates with the contemporary artists who are impacting our vision today. Through studio visits, exhibition insight and introductions surrounding new visual experiences, I share a more intimate viewing of creativity in action.


I hope you will join me on this journey forward.  I am excited to be sharing the work of artists who have changed the way I see and my hope is that  through  my words, you will see the adoration I have for the work and feel the same excitement.  I want you to trust the act of perception that art initiates and take the time to process it.   Most of all, I want you to discover  the fascinating and extraordinary personal shift that art provides to those who take the time to witness it.