Patrick Dintino


Born in San Francisco, California, Patrick Dintino grew up in the south bay area. Once covered with cherry and apricot orchards, the region was transformed by business parks during the advent of the ‘Silcon Valley’ tech boom. As technology blossomed with the first personal computers he was drawn to the immediacy of traditional materials like paintbrush and canvas. He first went to college at San Diego State University earning a BA degree in Industrial Arts while studying Environmental Design with architect Eugene Rey. Shortly after graduation he co-founded Artists in Motion art collective, who created funk-art fashion, sculpture and furniture out of reclaimed materials. As his interest in environmentalism grew he formed a band called ‘Naked Earth,’ dedicated to spreading earth consciousness through lyrics and events, and handled the art direction for Ecodisc Records. He moved back to the Bay Area and earned a Masters of Fine Art degree at the California College of Arts and Crafts(CCAC, now California College of the Arts) in San Francisco and Oakland in 2001. Dintino was invited as a guest artist to work with Sol LeWitt to create “Sol LeWitt: A Retrospective” at SFMOMA. Since this time he's been a finalist for SFMOMA’s SECA emerging artist award, a Pollock/Krasner Foundation Grant recipient, and participated in a group show called ‘The Future of Abstraction’ at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York. He currently teaches painting at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California.


Composed of broad, blended bands of color, the intermeshed lines in Dintino’s paintings produce a plethora of shades, tones and hues that embark the viewer upon a delightful journey of discovery. Upon first glance we are drawn immediately towards the bolder, sharper contrasts through Patrick’s subtle choice of hue and line. Complexities arise for the viewer as the eye, captured by this stark disparity, then attempts to “read” the painting from left to right, as is our programmed inclination. The varying thickness of line-some ample, others slender-both speeds up and slows down the eye, creating an undulating sense of movement within the work as we take a second, more measured look. As we re-read, the bolder lines are then even more richly realized in context. Yet the complex play between aesthetic and metaphor is crucial to Dintino’s work. He explores a fresh understanding of how we make meaning through ordering our experiences. Through his prismatic brush, Dintino’s vision imagines an abstract “spectrum” of a particular experience. In Excavation: Tel Dor, 2002, we are thrust into an archaeological dig. Earthy hues contemplate the dust and labor of the artist’s experience. The elaborate interaction of color emotes the artist’s sensations. By re-ordering and encoding this impression, Dintino formulates his feelings of the event in an autobiographical fashion that exposes the viewer to an alternate way of seeing. A new communication has been forged between artist and audience, as the latter is compelled to speak a new language in order to decode and reconstruct Dintino’s experience. Now fluent, the audience is then enabled to see spectrums in the everyday. This calls to the importance of Dintino’s work; his spectrums reveal the enigmatic interplay of seeing and meaning-making. Colin Stewart






Sept Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA, Solo Show of Spectrum Paintings and Collage, 'All Inclusive'


Oct Tuscon Museum of Contemporary Art, Tuscon, AZ, Auction to benefit Tuscon MOCA

May San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA 'Diverge/Convene', group show of contemporary mixed media

April Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ 'The Contemporaries', group show of contemporary painters


Sept Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA Solo Show of Spectrum paintings and collage entitled 'Voyeur'


Jan Muriel Guepin Gallery, New York, NY Two person show with Laurent Chehere


Sept Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA Solo Show of Spectrum paintings and collage entitled 'Speed of Light'

June Cindy Rucker Gallery, New York, NY Group Show 'California Dreamin'


Dec SF General Hospital Foundation, San Francisco, CA Heart Sculpture exhibited for Auction at SF Giant's Ballpark


Sept Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA ‘Euphoria’ Solo show of Spectrum paintings and collage

Feb Tonic Artspace, Bridgehampton NY Bonic Tonic Group Show



June Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton NY ‘The Big Show’

April The Crocker Museum, Sacramento, CA Group Show and Auction


Aug Galerie Lausberg, Toronto, CN Group Show of Spectrum paintings

Jun Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA ‘Leisure Quest’ Solo show of Spectrum paintings and collage

FebTop Flight Projects, New York, NY Patrick Dintino & Don Porcella


Oct Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY Young Associates Exhibition

Aug Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA ‘Word’, Group show curated by Daniele Steel

Mar Arts4BonacTonic, Hamptons, NY Group exhibition of art collective participants


Nov Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY 'Future of Abstraction' Group Show

Jun Artamo Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA Solo show of latest Spectrum Paintings

March Arts4BonacTonic, Hamptons, NY Group exhibition of art collective participants

Feb Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA ‘Endangered Species’ Solo show of Spectrum paintings



Bridge Artfair Miami, Miami Beach FL

International Art Exposition with Andrea Schwartz Gallery


Jun Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA ‘Two Feet Up’ summer group show with Jorge Santos and others


Nov Operation: Bend Over, SOMARTS San Francisco, CA Collaboration with choreographer Teena Diggs involving video installation

Apr Drawing Club, New York, NY Exhibition of drawings from art collective, Chelsea, NY

Feb Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA Two person show of latest Spectrum paintings


Oct AAF New York, NY. Annual art expo in New York

Jul Bryant Place Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Solo show produced by Videology Productions


MAY Gensler & Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Group show with Roy Tomlinson and Griff Williams among others

Jan San Francisco International Art Expo with Michael Martin Gallery San Francisco, CA.


Oct Michael Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA.. Group Show with Rex Ray, Lynn Kirby and Henry Jackson entitled ‘Together’


Oct Big Pagoda, San Francisco, CA. Solo painting show entitled ‘Between the Lines.’ Recent Spectrum Paintings


Apr Kristi Phippen Gallery, Modesto, CA. ‘Transcendental Landscapes’ two-person exhibition with Don Porcella of paintings, sculpture, mixed media and collaborations.


May Playschool Fashion and Performance Art Show, San Diego Sports Arena. Created performance art as a founding member of Artists in Motion.




Pollock/Krasner Foundation Grant • SFMOMA InSite (Seca) Award finalist • National Endowment for the Arts • Kenneth Price Scholarship • CCAC Scholarship



“...Dintino paints his canvases by hand, and that makes all the difference in the kind of pleasure we can take in Dintino’s work. It has an air of light ‘handled’ that we see too seldom in contemporary painting.”

Kenneth Baker, SF Chronicle


“Very unusual and distinctive.”

Lawrence Rinder, Director, Berkeley Art Museum & Former Curator, Whitney Museum, New York. 


“This is the strongest use of color I've seen in a long time." 

Kara Walker

Artist (MacArthur Fellowship - Genius Grant)




MFA California College of the Arts 2001

BFA California College of the Arts 1999

BA San Diego State University 1988




The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Ritz Carlton Atlanta

ebay Inc.

Aspen Holdings Collection Bermuda

Las Vegas Convention Center

Juniper Collection

Neiman Marcus Inc.

Nordstrom Inc.

Bank of America Corporate Headquarters

Morita Hospital Japan

El Camino Hospital Silicon Valley

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center